• Residential Buildings, Individual Bungalows, Apartments to townships.
  • Commercial Buildings, Malls, office buildings, show rooms, shopping center, ware housing etc.
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals and Institutions buildings.
  • Land developments, farm houses, party plots etc.
  • Assessment of the Water supply requirement for domestic and fire use, wastewater disposal and storm water system.
  • Preliminary design drawings on the basis of Architectural working drawings.

    Preliminary drawings for all floor plans showing water supply and drainage details in single line diagram along with relevant details.

    Preliminary drawing for external water supply layout with domestic and fire water supply, with all relevant details including source of water supply, location of under ground water tank, it’s capacity and required pump room with GA drawings for equipment’s for water supply and treatment.

    Preliminary drawings of external drainage show pipeline routes with manholes, location of septic tank, soak pit, sewage treatment plant or showing location of final disposal if available from corporation main drain nearby.

    Preliminary drawings for external Rainwater disposal showing pipeline routes with manholes, showing location for rain water Recharging / harvesting pits, bore etc. or final disposal if available from corporation main drain nearby.

  • We will provide drawings for cut out requirement in RCC work to run the plumbing piping through RCC work.
  • Internal water supply and Drainage. Detailed working drawings with enlarge details of drainage piping of Internal toilets & other utilities including junction detail regarding joining the horizontal piping to vertical or horizontal stack for all floor levels.
  • Wall elevations of internal toilets & other wet utilities for water supply layouts on the final working drawings for all floor levels.
  • External Infrastructures i.e. surrounding of building for water supply, drainage and Rain water disposal.
  • Final working drawing for external water supply, drainage and rainwater disposal with all relevant details for man holes, valve chambers, soak well, septic tank, STP etc.
  • After Getting Final Approval from architect/client we will issue the final drawings for execution on site.
  • Checking and finalizing the shop drawings of work to be done by the contractors.
  • Periodical inspection of plumbing works and checking the as built drawings of work executed by the contractors.

Correct Piping & Incorrect Piping

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