Seamless flow of Water Supply & Drainage System is must for everyone Check out our services and projects included..

What We Do

We at Avani Enterprise provide design consultancy services in the field of water supply and drainage. Our aim is to provide plumbing design solutions which are Water – energy saving, environment friendly and sustainable. To achieve our aim, we use the latest softwares of hydraulic designs and follow latest codes/standards of plumbing.

Avani Enterprise is a reputed Plumbing consulting engineering firm dedicated to offer technologically advanced Engineering Designs which are also energy efficient and sustainable. The company believes in working closely with the clients, Architect and other consultants so as to offer Plumbing Services Designs for the utmost satisfaction of the client. We only do scientific and engineering based practice which is pragmatic at all layers of construction. We strictly gainsay other practices.

Our Services

Water Supply and Drainage

This work mainly consists of on site Water treatment, Grey water system and reusing recycled (reclaimed) water for landscape, Decentralised Sewerage Treatment plant, irrigation etc

Storm water Design

Storm water Design – Rain water harvesting ,Rain water collection, Rain Water conservation and recharging to aquifers etc.

Fire protection systems (Wet provisions)

Fire protection systems , Fire Hydrant System, Fire suppression system, Fire Extinguishers.

Detailed Plumbing Design

All wet utilities, mainly toilets, kitchen, pantry, swimming pool, jacuzi, spa, steam, sauna etc. as per prevailing design codes and standards.

Our Designs are

  • Water-Energy Saving
  • Environment friendly, Sustainable and Green.
  • In line with Standards, Codes and local practices adopted.
  • Properly detailed and documented so plumbing Contractors and site engineers can execute with ease and convenience.